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Blue Sunlight Plays on V2V Vocal Trance Radio! 

Woo Hoo! I found out that 5 months ago my song Blue Sunlight was featured on the amazing female trance vocalist radio show V2Vonline with special host and talented trance vocalist Audrey Gallagher whom I have featured on Club Heaven before. This show reaches loads of listeners so I was truly humbled and honored by the feature.  I couldn't be more ecstatic to find this out today!! Please take a listen to this amazing episode! Your ears will be so happy!!
Oh, and if you are on soundcloud, follow me if you want to hear my more rare and unreleased underground mixes.


Personal Message to Fans


 To all fans - if you have received this message from facebook when trying to like the page "I have already liked too many facebook pages" or are having any trouble liking the page please contact.  Also, if you have purchased music but not received a personal email from The Blue Goddess thanking you please contact as well.  There seems to be some kind of problem we have just been made aware of and we have not been receiving many of the messages/likes/others from fans from the past year and a half.  Please email management@bluegalaxyrecording.com for a direct contact.  The Blue Goddess always replies so if you didn't receive one, it's because she didn't receive the intended message/like/etc.  Yours in a blissful trance and looking forward to connecting!!


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